14/08/2014 12:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

​My Vintage Wardrobe: Kelly Fairweather From Fairweather Vintage

Kelly Fairweather is a bit busy. Well, actually she's super busy. 1) She's the founder of Ipswich vintage boutique Fairweather Vintage. 2) She's a tailor who's constantly altering and customising clothes until they're completely perfect. 3) She's a retro DJ running the coolest vintage club nights in Suffolk. Or maybe ever. Take a peek inside her vintage wardrobe and meet the girl herself...

​My Vintage Wardrobe: Kelly Fairweather from Fairweather Vintage

Tell us a bit about your style ethos.
It's a "hybrid look" combining elements I like from different eras. 1920s chic for a special occasions, 1950s glamour on days out, 1980s grunge on lazy days and 1970s bohemian florals for the beach.

What sparked your love of vintage?
Film and music are a big source of style inspiration for me and both my grandmothers were stylish ladies. Daphnie was always dressed immaculately with white-blonde coiffed hair and a smart, often nautical-inspired style. Meanwhile, Molly was a Chinese restaurant owner and talented seamstress with a wardrobe full of oriental fashion, beautiful silks, embroidery and embellishment.

Give us a few top tips when it comes to styling vintage.
Utilise the power of customisation, mix old and new pieces and always accessorise wisely. Start with a key garment or accessory and build around this. Never focus on a "matching" theory - it hinders creativity. Have fun and have no fear - a fashion faux-pas isn't the end of the world.

What's the most exciting piece you recently bought?
An original Sixties monochrome, Mary Quant-style, warped checkerboard plastic raincoat. It's typical of the era and a style classic as well as being an inspiration for the current trend in plastic garments.

What's been the biggest vintage bargain you've ever scored? And the most you've spent on a gem from the past?
A 17th century German carved brooch I thrifted for a quid. The most expensive and precious vintage gems I own are my mum's white gold and diamond engagement ring and my grandmother's gold cameo ring. My biggest spend has to be my vintage industrial sewing machine which was £700 but is priceless to me.

What are some of your fave retro hangouts?
I love Brighton and my favourite vintage shop there is Wolf & Gypsy. In London, Camden Market, Portobello Market and Brick Lane are also iconic vintage hangouts I like to visit now and then. I also collect Vintage Vinyl and run my own Vintage Vinyl Night which has been hosted in various retro Suffolk hangouts. One place in particular is Snobs Coffee in Ipswich. I spend a lot of time there sitting in an Ercol chair, drinking coffee from a vintage cup.

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