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​My Vintage Wardrobe: Rasha Swais, Fashion Designer

A modern-day Mod, Rasha Swais' love of old-school music heavily influences her retro style and her day job, designing British-made Sixties-inspired attire. Jen Barton gets into the swing of things...

Pinafores, paisley and lots of tartan – that's what Rasha Swais' amazing Fifties and Sixties era vintage wardrobe is made of. The repro fashion designer mixes pieces from her eponymous range with authentic vintage finds, accessorising dresses with fishnets and Dr. Martens shoes (and a Phyllis Dillon tune, we imagine). Take a peek inside her wardrobe...

What got you interested in vintage fashion? Was there a specific person or item of clothing that got you hooked?
I've always been interested in fashion from a young age, even though my clothes were hand-me-downs from my siblings. In my teenage years I fell in love with old music, which I think inspired me to wear vintage.

Where are your favourite places to source vintage items?
One of my favourite places is one of my best friend's shops in Crouch End, Scarlet Rage Vintage. I also love going to boot sales/markets and rummaging through to find one-off beautiful bargains. I also make myself pieces if I can't find what I'm after, which is what happens often.

What are some of your tips for styling vintage outfits?
I think whatever you wear you have to feel good about yourself in it. Feel comfortable and also mix-and-match vintage with new pieces.

What are some of your top tips for scouring the best vintage pieces?

Become friends with old ladies with good taste. Have a good eye at boot sales and jumble sales and be great at haggling.

How does vintage inspire your designs?
My business is inspired by Sixties British attire. I specialise in both men's and womenswear. My main focus for the brand is to bring back garments made in England and keep them at affordable prices! Based on the original designs, I'm constantly searching and sourcing the perfect cloths.

I work with my clients to bring in their own design details so I'm constantly learning and I love it, especially when a client contacts me to say how great their Rasha Swais piece makes them feel. That's why I do what I do.

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