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​My Vintage Wardrobe: The Meyer Dancers

When it comes to bringing swinging 1960s and Soul Train 1970s style to the present day, no one does it quite as well as The Meyer Dancers, whose daily uniforms consist of go-go boots and fringed dresses, wide-leg trousers and crocheted knits and psychedelic rainbow swimsuits (some of which happen to be original 1960s deadstock vintage from Marks and Spencer!).

The troupe of five dancers (Treacle, Shelly, Maegan, Eleanor and Grace) take inspiration from the music of their favourite eras when putting together their colourful, texture-ful and eye-popping ensembles, sourced from charity shops, thrift stores and their go-to East London shop, Paper Dress Vintage (where they also run 1960s-themed hen parties).

For Meyer Dancers founder and choreographer Treacle Holasz and her gang, vintage dressing is a way of life, but don't expect their everyday style to be as dramatic as their on-stage get-ups (for one thing, they don't wear four pairs of false lashes and tons of eye shadow en route to the supermarket, although their fabulous beauty looks did recently score the troupe a collaboration with Rimmel London). We chatted to Treacle and got her top tips on how to do 1960s go-go girl, in the present day. Lesson number one: it's all about experimentation...

Describe your style.
Style is so important to a Meyer Dancer – as a group, our style is early 1960s through to mid-1970s, but in order to stand out in a group of strong, fiery women, individual style is just as important! We all really embrace each other's ever-changing looks and encourage each other to play with influence, colour and texture.

​A good test to know if you're looking your best is to see how many heads you can turn on a grumpy London underground platform!

What are some of your tips for styling vintage outfits?
Pick a statement: jewellery, colour, make-up, etc. and work backwards, so you have a really bold look, but not a confused one! We love the Mod look: big eyes, simple tailoring and strong colour combinations.

What are your top vintage beauty and styling tricks?
1. Use your mirror. So many people apply make-up without really working to what suits them. Really look at your face, eye, lip shape and skin tones, noting what about your face is anything other than gorgeous. You just need to work with it. Embrace - don't cover up!
2. Invest in a great foundation, it's the foundation of your kit.
3. Buy cheap lashes and expensive glue.

What are some of your top tips for scouring the best vintage pieces?
Go for quality fabric, something that feels nice and has plenty of wear left in it. ​Avoid worn vintage shoes - they literally fall apart on the dance floor!

What do you love about Sixties style? How does it inspire the group?
We love the variety of 1960s style - it's limitless and you can always discover more. We love how fashion was so collaborative: music, art, fashion and dance were all equally driven to making new and creative ways of expression! The fabrics, designs and spirit are seen in some shape or form every year at London Fashion Week and long may it live!
Don't miss The Meyer Dancers in action at Soulbus! at Paper Dress Vintage on Curtain Road on Saturday 19 July for a night full of soul, funk, disco and cocktails (and it's free before 10pm!)

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