14/08/2014 16:32 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

MyDaily Discusses: 21st Birthdays

Happy birthday Cara Delevingne! Everyone's favourite model/actress-maybe-in-the-future turns 21 today. And that has made team MyDaily remember our own 21st birthday parties.

They were a big deal. They didn't turn out exactly as we expected but one thing we've found everyone has in common is this: you always end up completely wasted and wearing a crown.

But this is absolutely your right as the 21-year-old birthday girl (don't let anyone tell you otherwise, Cara).

So here it is - MyDaily remembers our 21st birthday parties (plus some brilliant pictures of Cara - obviously).

Sara McCorquodale, 30 and Editor of MyDaily, says: The weirdest thing happened at my 21st birthday and I don't think my mother will ever get over it. During the day - and prior to a big night out with my gang of girls - everyone I've ever known in my life congregated in my family home.

My stepfather manned the barbeque, my friends merrily Cava-ed their faces off and my family said the usual "I can't believe you're 21" stuff. Everything was going great until I revealed to my pals an ex had written me a song and it had arrived in the post that morning.

Said song had bar codes and everything - perhaps he thought I could learn it and sing it to myself? Anyway, one thing led to another and my sort-of Uncle Roddy (you know how it is) actually did learn it on my mum's guitar and then serenaded me in front of the whole party.

It would have been fine had it not been for the lyrics. For example, the one that made my mum reach for the gin was: "Sara you don't know how lovely you are, Sara I think you could be a porn star". Er, yep. We all hit the booze pretty hard after that and my poor ma disappeared to the kitchen with a bottle and a friend.

My pals still crack up about it now, nine years on. And that song-writing ex-boyfriend? Well, I married him last summer, so it all worked out a lot better than I ever expected it to on my 21st birthday.

Katie Jones, 26 and Deputy Editor of MyDaily, says: Turning 21 when you're at university is brilliant. Why? Because which twenty-something student doesn't love an excuse to have a party? In fact, as my birthday was fairly early on in the term and I was one of the first to turn 21, I had two.

The main event was a day at the races in my home town. I invited 10 uni friends to drive down the M4 and spend their Saturday gambling and drinking hot Jamesons (it's cold at the races in November) before we went out for a big group dinner and the obligatory night out.

The second was on my actual birthday a few days later. This involved decorating my student house with fairy lights (they made every student house look prettier), inviting everyone I knew to come round for cava and cake and wearing a crown while I danced in the living room until it got light outside.

Looking back, those few days turned into a bit of a blur, particularly because my best friend's birthday party was somewhere in between mine, but I do know that we had a blast. If you can't have two parties when you turn 21, when can you?

Ellen Stewart, 24 and Celebrity Writer for MyDaily, says: I reckon Cara Delevingne's 21st will be marginally better than mine. Sure, my 21st birthday was unforgettable, but not exactly for the right reasons.

Even though it was just three years ago I can't actually remember what I did to celebrate the momentous occasion. That's probably because all memories have been tainted by my ex boyfriend and his gift-buying abilities.

I was super excited about what he'd bought me. C'mon, who doesn't live for the presents? And as I frantically unwrapped a teeny tiny box I was shaking with delight. That didn't last.

Turns out he'd bought me a charm for my charm bracelet. Awww sweet, right? Wrong. He hadn't done much research and the charm he picked didn't fit my chain. Bummer. But not the end of the world.

He took it back to the jewellers to exchange it for something else, but while he was there he decided he couldn't really afford to get me a present at all so just got a refund. Yup.

The joke was on me really though because I stayed with this guy for two more years after this non event. 21 - that giddy point when you are older but sadly not wiser.

Daisy May Sitch, 25 and Style Writer of MyDaily, says: Now I like to make every birthday a big ol' week-long occasion because, well, why not? So for my 21st there was a whole lot of celebrating with hordes of family and friends although, annoyingly it was a week apart from my brother's 18th so the family gig was a joint thing. Mine being far more of a landmark, deserved of way more fuss. And bigger presents.

First came a blinding meal at a hotel called The Castleman in my hometown Dorset with ALL the family - champaz on the lawn and all that jazz. Then mum had arranged for the rest of Dorset to pitch up at the house for our return - the garden had never seen so much bunting - and that's where the real birthday boozing began.I wore a navy strapless dress and got my first (and second) little blue box complete with white ribbon. You know the one. I felt like a total princess.
Later, the uni celebration was Disney themed (naturally), I was Pocahontas and my fella made a poor attempt at John Smith (complete with indian head-dress).

Before hitting Oceana (for those who don't know, it's a shady club in London that's perfect for 21st parties), we played Ring of Fire and I got so vodka happy I tripped down half a flight of stairs taking a fire extinguisher with me and came round to my housemate straddled over me singing 'Gold Digger'. Best night ever.