14/08/2014 16:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

MyDaily Loves PUMA: Worn My Way By Naomi Mdudu

Naomi Mdudu is Senior Fashion Writer at Metro, Editor of, ranked by the Daily Telegraph as one of most influential fashion tweeters in the UK and basically, a damn cool girl. We met her near her office in Kensington to find out how she styles her PUMA Trinomic sneakers.

I love wearing trainers because... I've had a bit of an odd relationship with trainers. I used to wear them all the time but then all I wanted was to put on a pair of heels and red lipstick. There was a point when trainers were really sporty and that's when I moved away from them. Now I've fallen back in love with them, there are so many cool, fun styles available now AND it's totally okay to wear them in the office!

I'm wearing my PUMAS with... A.N.D jeans, my jumper is Zara, the necklace is J. Crew, ring is by Katie Rowland, my coat is from Parker London and the scarf is Miss Selfridge.

At the moment, I think style is about... minimalism. I love Scandinavian style, it's more about quality and texture rather than crazy prints. I really like wearing masculine cuts and oversized pieces.

I'm listening to... a lot of hip-hop! I've rediscovered a lot of old Nas and Jay Z's Magna Carter... Holy Grail album.

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