14/08/2014 12:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Natwest UK Fashion And Textile Awards 2014: The Most Stylish Night Of The Year

What do you get if you take the coolest venue in London's East End and fill it with the best, most innovative design talent? The Natwest UK Fashion & Textile Awards, of course!

The 2014 celebration, held at the Tobacco Dock, was a merry affair marking brands, businesses and people who have really made a difference to the industry in the past year.

After an almighty afternoon downpour, the sun came out just in time for nominees and celebrities to saunter down the red carpet and tip back champagne before celebrations really began.

While Jack Guinness - dapper in a burgundy suit - chatted to Sadie Frost and Jade Parfitt (impossibly beautiful in real life, in case you were wondering), Lilah Parsons said hello to Emma J Shipley.

Meanwhile, Menswear Brand Award winner Christopher Raeburn cycled to the event and had a quick shoe change at the end of the red carpet before revealing his incredible tuxedo (the interior was printed with a map he designed).

Inside at the welcome party, Outstanding Achievement Award winner Dame Margaret Barbour - probably the charming person anyone has ever met - happily told us she was so honoured to be there because it was the first fashion award she or Barbour have ever received.

After the sparky champagne reception (lots of bubbles, lychee cocktails and beetroot macaroons) Fashion Scout's runway show revealed the best new talent to look out for while the nominees' work was catwalked and everyone couldn't help but applaud for a full 10 minutes. Especially popular was one ridiculously handsome model clad in coral who did his turn holding the sweetest baby boy.

A silent auction for Save The Children followed, before dinner - three courses of pure deliciousness - was served and a steady stream of wine kept every table in the highest of spirits.

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But the one thing everyone was waiting for was yet to come: the awards themselves. Thirteen in total were presented and proceedings charmingly skipped along with the help of host, Good Morning Britain star Susanna Reid.

Winning designers and brands whooped their success while a merry din of cheering didn't die down until it was all over.

And how quickly that happened! The dance floor of the afterparty was full within moments of DJ Lilah Parsons starting her set and celebrations went on until the wee hours. But of course they did - the Natwest UK Fashion & Textile Awards, truly the most fun night of the year so far.

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