14/08/2014 12:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Neighbour From Hell Evicted After Six-Year-Old Girl's Heart Breaking Drawings Revealed

Schoolgirl's drawings of rowdy neighbour help secure her eviction

A six-year-old girl helped the authorities to evict her 'neighbours from hell' by drawing a series of pictures of their vile behaviour.

Maria Jiminez caused so many problems for her neighbours at her semi-detached home in Moston, Manchester, that her schoolgirl neighbour chronicled her misdemeanors in a sketchpad as part of a life events project at school.

The images so shocked the child's teacher that the pictures were eventually used as evidence at an eviction hearing.

The girl had drawn pictures of her own home, captioning it with the words 'New house. Gangs and loud music'.

Schoolgirl's drawings of rowdy neighbour help secure her eviction

When asked what she thought of her neighbours, the schoolgirl said they were rowdy people who were noisy and partied until the early hours of the morning.

The Mirror reports her comments sparked an 11-month campaign to get former barmaid and care worker Maria Jiminez, 45, removed from the rented home.

Other neighbours have now spoken of their relief that the woman and her sons had been ordered to leave.

"The behaviour of that family made life unbearable. There was music and loud banging until 5am," said Louise Thomas, 37, a teaching assistant. "They used to urinate in our gardens, shout abuse up at my kids and jump on cars. It was horrendous. My children were having to sleep in earmuffs."

Another neighbour, who asked to remain anonymous told the paper that living near Ms Jiminez was 'an absolute nightmare'.

"They were trouble. They had all sorts of fancy cars parked outside at all hours and there were all sorts going in and out of the house," the resident said. "The mother did have a job but I'm not sure her sons have ever done a stroke of work in their lives."

Jiminez had already breached orders to tone down her behaviour and lower her noise levels, but when it continued, legal proceedings were started.

In August this year she was was given a suspended possession order, which meant that she could be evicted if she continued to misbehave. Within a month, she had breached the order, and officers applied to the court for a warrant to evict, which was issued last week.

Mike Stevens, director of the local neighbourhood services, said that officers were able to take legal action by using the 'heart-breaking' drawings as evidence.

"We are delighted that the courts were able to act to get rid of this neighbourhood of such a selfish and anti-social character," he said.