14/08/2014 16:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Nell McAndrew Shows Off New Baby Daughter And Reveals She Is Back In Shape

Nell McAndrew shows off new baby daughter and reveals she is back in shape

Nell McAndrew is in the pages of Hello showing off her new baby daughter Anya.

Nell, 39, gave birth to Anya back in March, and had kept to her usual fitness routine throughout her pregnancy. But she says that being a mum to Anya and six-year-old son Devon means that exercise is taking a back seat.

"As much as I love running and exercise, I'm in no rush to cram an intense exercise programme into my days," she told Hello! magazine.

"My children are my priority and I'll fit in exercise as and when I can."

The model and TV presenter said she is 'pretty much back in shape' after 7lbs 10oz Anya's arrival, but that she still had 'roundness' to her tummy and 'more thread veins'.

Nell also spoke about how her little boy has adapted to being a big brother - and having to share his mummy!

"The day after she was born I took her to show and tell at Devon's school. While I was there he rested his arm on my shoulder and I could tell he was really proud," Nell said.

"He's been so good and really patient with me because I can't do things so quickly with him if Anya needs me. I know he'll be very protective of her. He's been much better than we thought."

Nell revealed she was pregnant last October, and faced a barrage of criticism for keeping up her running regime, completing six mile a day runs, as well as twice-weekly visits to the gym.

"A lot of people say to me 'Should you be doing that?' They're concerned, but there's no need because my body is used to doing a lot of exercise," she said at the time. "To me it doesn't feel very much because I used to run 90 miles a week – twice what I do now."

Looking at how well she and little Anya are, it obviously didn't do her any harm!

The full interview with Nell is in the latest edition of Hello!, on sale now.