14/08/2014 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Look Parentdish

A whole new Parentdish

We are delighted to announce the birth of our brand new Parentdish.

The labour was long, our backs are a bit sore from all that designing, developing and inputting, but we hope you'll share our excitement. Our new 'baby' has inherited the best of the old generation Parentdish - but with a lovely new look.

Parentdish reflects the reality of being a parent today. Magical and momentous, funny and frustrating, life-changing and frighteningly fast and yet often mind-blowingly monontonous; this is just some of what it means to bring up children.

We'll continue to offer you opinion, debate, experiences and celebrations of the joy and absurdity of being a parent today, brought to you with humour, honesty and award-winning writing.

Our new section Is it just me? is the place to go for the latest laugh-out-loud ponderings and lyrical musings on life as a parent, in all its facets.

We believe you are the experts on your own unique children, but we're here to give you some sensible, straightforward, non-judgement health and development advice, with links to helpful resources online.

We'll contine to bring you reassurance and shared experiences, whether you're pregnant for the first time or parent to teenagers. We'll bring you some suggestions and solutions to questions like, 'When is the right time to move my child to a cot?' 'Is this normal in pregnancy?' and 'Should I let my teenager have sex under my roof?'

Our easy-to-navigate new site means you can quickly find and click through to what you want now. Baby health advice? Recipe ideas? Ideas for family friendly activities?

Every day, updated throughout the day, we'll help you keep pace with the latest news to affect parents. For some light relief, we'll bring you the latest on celebrity parents and the newest viral videos.

See you again soon!