14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

New Year's Eve: Seven Things That Make It Highly Stressful

Dreading tonight? Don't worry - New Year's Eve is a massive stress in a fun thing's outfit. Alice White runs down seven reasons why December 31st not always the amazing night out it should be. Fake smiles at the ready everyone...

New Year's Eve

1. The Build Up
It's supposed to be the biggest party night of the year and that itself puts pressure on. When you put a night on a pedestal, anything that's not the best event ever is a disappointment. Planning on meeting the man of your dreams? Want everyone to break into a choreographed dance routine at 12am? Sorry, none of it's going to happen.

2. The Forced Fun
No one dares not be up for it. At best guess, at least 40% of the people at your party will be a bit meh about the whole thing. Like the build up before hand, the forced fun starts when everyone realised it's not as good they hoped. Thus the false grinning and realising you'd rather be in your jammies watching Netflix begins.

3. The Confinement
Once you're somewhere you'll no doubt be stuck there forever. FOREVER. You can't get reception and all the airways get clogged. The mass of group "Happy New Year! x" messages will mean that any genuine invitations get lost in the mass hysteria. Once that clock strikes 12am on the 1st, you're not going anywhere without a struggle.

4. The Tiredness
There's no right time to go to bed. You plod along hoping you'll find a sofa or a floor to slump on. Red Bull, espresso martini and tea (where the hell did you get a tea from?!) are the only methods of survival. You can't go home until everyone else does, and everyone else can't go home until you do. It's a vicious, vicious circle.

5. The Cost
It costs a bloody fortune. You've got the new outfit, the second new outfit, the new bag, the flats to go in your new bag, the heels to put on your feet for an hour before changing into the flats, the beauty products, disposable cameras, the cab fair, the tickets, the fancy booze, the numerous packs of cigarettes, chewing gum, dooley boppers, inflatable boyfriend to kiss on the bells... the list is endless.

6. The Getting Home
Everyone stood around in taxi queues or join the zombified staggerers with their heels in their hands. You end up losing any sort of buzz by trailing the streets making "please, please, for the love of God, stop" eyes at cab drivers.

7. The Hangover
You start the New Year feeling like someone's kicked you into it. You are throwing up, your hair is all sweaty and you've still got one shoe on. You promise that next Hogmanay it won't be like this... But it will.

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