14/08/2014 12:48 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Newborn Baby Left Alone In Car With Note To Call Mum

Mum leaves newborn in car and goes shopping

A newborn baby was left locked in a car by a mother while she went shopping.

Passers-by were outraged to discover the baby had a note attached. A mobile number was scrawled on the paper, which said: "My mum's in doing the shopping, call her if I need anything."

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald, the man who first saw the baby spoke of how he and his family had waited to see if the mother returned, assuming she had just dashed in and out.

"We waited there for a little bit, wondering if the mum was just going to be two seconds and come back," he said. "My wife said, 'I'm not going in without someone being here with the baby.'"

After pictures of the baby - who was strapped in a car seat and wrapped in a pink blanket - were posted on Facebook, internet users were quick to share their outrage at the mum's behaviour.

The manager of the supermarket where the mum was presumed to be said he had been alerted to the situation, and that his store had staff patrolling the parking lot.

"We have staff in the car park so if they saw something like a baby in a car they would bring it to our attention," he said.

Under New Zealand law, a parent or guardian who leaves a child under the age of 14 alone for an unreasonable time or in unreasonable conditions could face a fine of up to NZ$2,000 (£1,000).

The police have said they have not received any reports of the incident, but said it was a dangerous thing to do, and that the woman could face prosecution.

"We don't know who the people are, we don't know the phone number, we don't know where to start," an unnamed officer is quoted as saying in the Mail. "We would launch an investigation if we could but at this stage no one's come forward."

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