14/08/2014 16:56 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

No, I Do Not 'Like' Murder

Facebook. Yep. Apparently it's ok to share and watch pictures of people being murdered as long as you don't say that you like watching people being murdered. No. You just watch the murders to reiterate that you don't like watching murders at all. Confused? I'm not surprised.

After a bit of a debate earlier in May Facebook removed some video footage, one video of which was of a woman being beheaded. Now, it's decided that actually, having had a little think, it's perfectly ok to share this video as long as they have a little warning first. The warning is "Warning! This video contains extremely graphic content and may be upsetting."

May be upsetting. May. A woman having her head cut off.

I write this as someone who a while ago started hiding updates from certain 'friends' on Facebook. I didn't want any fallout from unfriending them, but at the same time having people share very graphic anti-abortion stuff which I would then see on my timeline as I was eating my cornflakes was enough to make me think that I could manage without the updates on their lives. Having avoided all that, I know that I certainly don't want to see shared video footage of a murder popping up on my timeline. I can't imagine many people do.

Part of me also wonders that if this wasn't an unknown woman in Mexico, if this was a British person, a British or American woman, there's no way it would be allowed. But somehow this is OK. It's fine to watch a woman be murdered, as long as you don't say that you like it. Its fine to share a murder as long as you know that it's graphic, that a woman having her head cut off might be upsetting for some people. Like maybe the woman's family. As long as we all get a look, all get to share it then it's fine. Maybe it's only me who likes multi-nationals to care about social responsibility.

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