14/08/2014 16:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Normcore Nails: The Easiest Beauty Trend Ever?

Love trying beauty trends that take no time to master and require minimal effort? Then let's hope this one takes off.

Normcore - recently used to describe everything from Kate Middleton's style to Kim Kardashian's honeymoon - now applies to nails.

As US Glamour reports, a number of Hollywood stars have been choosing to pair their designer gowns and diamond jewels with low-maintenance manicures - and by low-maintenance we mean groomed and healthy, but totally free from polish.

Need proof? Olivia Wilde can often be seen with a no-mani look on the red carpet, while Ugly Betty's America Ferrera tried the trend on her toes at a film screening in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Louboutins with no nail polish? Yep, she went there.

2014 Outfest Los Angeles Screening -

While it doesn't mean wearing your favourite nail hue is a definite no-no this summer, the good news about going normcore is it allows for a bit more breathing space when it comes to nail upkeep.

Regular pedicures are still a must, but when you reach for a pair of peep-toe sandals and realise your toenails are polish-free, you've got a good excuse to forgo the last-minute painting session.
It always goes very wrong when done in a hurry, so why not take America Ferrera's lead - pop on your party heels and forget about the polish problem.

Want to give normcore nails a go, but can't handle going without a product? Try the next best thing - white: