14/08/2014 16:42 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Oh My Love Founder, Anne Lombard: My Apartment

Anne Lombard, creative director and founder of young womenswear brand, Oh My Love, took us around her exquisitely minimalist and modern North London home. Available at Asos, Topshop and their e-store, Oh My Love is the favoured style choice of free-spirited but fashion-focused girls.

Anne's sophisticated contemporary home reflects the fun vibe of her brand – its design is classic and clean yet it is simultaneously inviting and irrefutably the perfect party pad. A winning combination, if you ask us.


How would you describe your interior style?
The style of our house is quite eclectic; I like mixing and matching different styles and eras and collecting things from my travels. I live with both my husband Amar and my best friend Brad who both have completely contrasting tastes so the result is a mix of our different styles. I wanted the space to be a social, laid back house full of comfortable spaces and areas for partying!

How does your place differ to the style of the Grenoble home that you grew up in?
Both houses are fairly modern and airy, but being so close to the Alps, our family home in Grenoble is geared towards outdoor activities so has a lot of outdoor space and a pool. My house now has the same spirit but with a London twist and sadly no pool! I have definitely inherited my Maman's tendency not to throw things away – we are both terrible hoarders!

I wanted the space to be a social, laid back house full of comfortable spaces and areas for partying!

What would your dream house be like?
I would love to do a grand design project, either a new build or completely remodel an existing space like a farmhouse or warehouse. It would have to be something big and spacious, as I love entertaining and throwing parties.


Have your travels and work trips abroad influenced your aesthetic?
Yes, definitely! I love to collect pieces. I have been inspired by Moroccan styles as they help to create different atmospheres. I have also been influenced by travels in the Far East, India and LA.

You were an interior designer for a while. How did you make the transition into Oh My Love?
Interior design will always be a hobby of mine but having my own fashion line was always my big dream. Being a freelance interior designer was a good insight into the world of UK business and helped me to hone my entrepreneurial skills before taking the plunge and launching Oh My Love.


What do you love about living in North London?
The atmosphere and the people, it's a nice mix of families and young people so there's always plenty going on. It's ideal having Highbury Fields close by in the summer and I'm a big fan of the independent shops, delicious eateries and cool bars that can be found nearby in Highbury Barn, Stoke Newington and Upper Street. The location is ideal too – I'm so close to the Oh My Love studios in London Fields as well as central London. It's great being close to Kings Cross for the Eurostar for when I visit my family, too.

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