14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Olly Murs Helps His Mum Make Some EBay Lolly

Pop star Olly helps his mum make some lolly

Olly Murs might be a pop superstar these days, but like most young men, he's still taking his worn clothes home to mum – though in his case, not for laundering!

The Sun reckons that the Dear Diary warbler and new-best-friend to Robbie Williams gets his mum to EBAY his cast-off clobber!

The paper says he passes on his unwanted garb to help his mum 'make a few extra quid', but to spare his blushes (or maybe the chance of bad feedback if his togs don't pass muster with a punter) mum Vicky-Lynn posts the items anonymously.

Olly, 29, said: "It's a little like Tesco's: the out-of-date stuff goes, and all the 'fresh stuff' comes in. I put a lot of it into charity bins, but some of my old clothes I give to my mum, and she sells them on eBay."

"She'll probably kill me for saying that, but it's what eBay is about, right?"

"She doesn't advertise it, though, as 'Previously owned by Olly Murs'! She wouldn't do that," he added.