14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Olly Murs' Twin Brother Ben Begs X Factor Star To End Four Year Feud

Olly Murs' twin brother Ben begs X Factor star to end four-year feud

As the nation becomes hooked on X Factor once again, a bitter feud involving one of its most famous stars and his twin brother has been revealed.

Olly Murs, who was runner-up on the ITV show in 2009, had a huge bust-up with his twin brother Ben after the singer pulled out of being best man at his brother's wedding to sing in the semi-final.

Since then, the 29-year-old pair have hardly spoken – and Olly has never met his 17-month-old nephew.

And at the weekend, Ben Murs-Hart revealed how he begged his celebrity twin to end their feud - but was turned down in a text.

Ben told The Sun the singer responded to his peace offer with a message saying simply: "Delete my number and move on with your life."

Mechanical engineer Ben - who lives a few miles from Olly in Chelmsford, Essex - claimed his brother had snubbed attempts to end their row.

He added: "I'm genuinely so proud of what Olly's done. But he's become a total stranger to me."

Ben wanted the singer to be godfather to the daughter his seven months pregnant wife Amy is expecting, and asked to meet up in text and voicemail calls.

He said: "I told him on voicemail if he didn't want to know me anymore it was his decision.

"That's when he told me to delete his number. He keeps saying I have to step up and make things right. Well I've tried. Olly has no interest - he won't speak to me. He doesn't even want to meet my son, which hurts more than anything."

A spokesman for the singer told the newspaper: "Olly and his family feel that this upsetting and distressing situation should remain private, and should be resolved out of the public eye.

"The family are incredibly disappointed Ben has decided to make this public for a second time.

"There are many inconsistencies and omissions in Ben's story - not least his expressed desire to apologise to Olly and the rest of his family, which could easily happen privately.

"Olly would rather not comment publicly on this matter, which has had a profound effect on the entire family."