14/08/2014 16:31 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

OMG The Pill Is Giving You Bad Taste In Men

Sorry for the alarmist headline, but guess what? The pill can stop you working out if you really fancy someone, according to results of a study by the University of Catania.

Scent is linked to desire and the university's research found after three months of being on the pill, women who were part of their test group had no increased sense of smell at their most fertile (read: most sexy) time of month.

OMG The Pill Is Giving You Bad Taste In Men

And that's not all.

Another study by the University of Mexico revealed its tests found when women were on the pill and at their most fertile they saw no difference between men who had symmetrical features (these are associated with beauty) and those who had asymmetrical features.

Women who weren't on the pill preferred the men with symmetrical features.

As if all this wasn't enough evidence, Jill Blakeway - author of Sex Again: Recharging You Libido told Refinery 29 this could result in you getting with someone who's 100% not right for you.

So in some ways, hurrah! Bad taste in men is the pill's fault! But in other ways, boo, because unprotected sex has rubbish consequences *returns to drawing board*.