14/08/2014 16:44 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Online Store Sizeable Uses Plus Size Models - But Does It Make You Want To Shop More?

Meet Sizeable, the new Australia-based fashion website using a portfolio of six models ranging from sizes 6-14.

That's right - this is a brand eschewing the usual uniformity when it comes to the female body to demonstrate how its collections will actually look on the women buying them.

The idea is the website caters for all shapes and sizes and realistically portrays what its clothes will look like on customers.

So, you select a model from the homepage based on which woman reflects your body best. You're then given all of the models' exact measurements (height, waist, bust, etc) before clicking "Go to Shop" and being presented with the products available to you styled on said model.

Basically, rather than trying to imagine what a dress on a super skinny model will look like on you, this takes you closer to whether or not a style will actually achieve the look you're after. Clever, no?

We'd stick our necks out and say as far as online shopping goes, this is a touch of genius. Size variation (yes plus sizes) on real women, classic-contemporary styles and not a Photoshop bodge job in sight.

And guess what? They ship to the UK.

If this site doesn't restore your faith in the joys of online shopping, there's a possibility nothing will.

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