Online Tool Lets You Find Out Your NHS Birth Number

If you think you are not a number but an individual, think again.

For this compelling tool will tell you precisely which number you were when you – or your kids – were born (if you were born on the NHS).

The tool has been launched by the Labour Party to mark the 66th birthday of the NHS and lets you find out what number baby you were in Britain since the National Health Service was introduced.

In just a few steps, using census data and the details the user provides, it gives you an estimate of your number.

A word of warning: to use the calculation tool you have to enter your email address, so it's obviously designed to grab your data so the party can bombard you with electioneering propaganda next year but, still, I gave it a go and discovered I was the 10,677,184th baby born on the NHS. – whereas my youngest son, who's six, was 29 million babies after me at 39,035,271st. You're fascinated, eh? I can tell.

According to the site, the National Health Service, which was founded by Aneurin Bevan on July 5th, 1948, has delivered an astonishing 44million babies.

The site even tells you how many babies have been delivered while you've been on it - which is also strangely compelling.

Click here to give it a go. I dare any new parents not to give it a whirl!