14/08/2014 16:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Oscars 2014: Red Carpet Live Blog!

01:26am: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are naturally pretty much the last stars to arrive and look the best. Well, obviously.


01:06am: Goldie Hawn is there! Still want to be best friends with the star purely on the grounds she was great in Overboard...

Goldie Hawn Overboard

01:00am: And her royal highness, Julia Roberts has arrived.

Oscars 2014 Julia Roberts

12:50am: Charlize Theron looks fierce in black plus DKNY PR Girl makes an excellent case for becoming a fan of the star if you're not already.

Oscars 2014 Charlize Theron

12:46am: Just in case you're wondering, you can see every star on the red carpet right here. Hurrah!

12:41am: Why Hadley Freeman should do all the celebrity captions ever from now on...

12:37am: More LOLs courtesy of Bette...

12:32am: Eek! Jennifer Lawrence has fallen over on the red carpet! Remember her tumble, circa 2013? The only woman who can make this look actually quite cool...

Oscars 2014 Jennifer Lawrence

12:21am: Jared Leto and his bro do a smouldering selfie. Sidenote: another man doing white-on-white! Jared wins over Ryan Seacrest, er, because we fancy him.

Ellen gets up close and personal with Oscar and all his clones.

12:15am: Oh Lupita, Lupita... *clutches heart*

Oscars 2014 Lupita

12:10am: Pharrell is wearing actual shorts to the actual Oscars *feels strange*.

Oscars 2014 Pharrell Williams

12:07am: Okay, so our girl Anna's J Mendel dress is getting trash-talked. She's still awesome. End of.

12:02am: Pharrell Williams is on the red carpet, he's looking sharp and this is how he got ready for the red carpet. So. Damn. Cool.

23:47pm: Strongly agreeing with E! on this one...

10:29pm: Kelly Osbourne hits the red carpet - and it's raining just as hard in LA as it is here in Blighty! Loving her gold lace over bright white.

Oscars 2014 Kelly Osbourne

10:22pm: The Oscars 2014 is here! And what better* way to start the night than with a picture of AC Slater on the red carpet getting photo bombed by a Barbie? (*Disclaimer: there are definitely better ways - this will get better, we promise).