14/08/2014 12:43 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Overslept? Five Things That Happen When You Sleep Through Your Alarm

There probably isn't anything worse than waking up on a school work morning and realising you slept through your alarm... You've got to squeeze your hour-long routine into 15 minutes, sans breakfast and sans shower. Gross.

It's stressful, it's horrendous and the following five things will happen...

five things that happen when you sleep through your alarm

1. You forget how to apply makeup. Yes you're late, yes you don't have time to do your makeup but you're going to attempt to paint on your presentable face anyway. Forget contouring and think squeezing half a tube of foundation into your palms and rubbing it all over your grill. Done. Next step mascara. It's all going well until you almost gouge your eyeball out or sneeze just after applying spidery lashes. However, you struggle through and don't realise how orange your face is and the fact you only penciled in one eyebrow until you pop to the office loo gone 11am.

2. You get the phone panic. Halfway to the train station/bus stop you remember to conduct the obligatory leaving-the-house pat down. Keys? Check. Oyster card? Check. Phone? Shit. The blood drains from your face and cold beads of sweat erupt from every gland. You throw your bag onto the pavement, get down and your hands and knees and rummage through the crap (read: receipts and spare knickers) until you realise your iPhone is in your hand.

3. You don't put deodorant on. The day you have to leg it down the road is the day you forget your deodorant. That musty smell gym sock smell? Yeah that's you.

4. You run into an old school friend. You make the train - sure the doors close on your bag and you almost break your ankle taking the stairs two at a time, but you make it - sweaty and exhausted you lift your head up, only to see Hannah from your old sixth form General Studies class. She looks amazing. You pray she doesn't notice you, but she does and you have to stand and talk to her for the entire journey with lipstick on your teeth (ref: point 1).

5. You have the worst day at work - like ever. You've started your day on the wrong foot and it just gets progressively worse from there. There's a meeting you forgot to prepare for, the photocopier breaks and to top it all off the homemade soup you prepared leaks all over your bag. FML.

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