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Parenting Trends 2014? Baby Tooth Jewellery, Skull Theory And Half Birthdays


Would you wear your children's teeth round your neck?

Losing their first milk tooth is an important rite of passage for kids, but what should you do with the tooth? Instead of hiding it away in a jewellery box, along with locks of baby hair and hospital name tags, why not proudly display it on a necklace or bracelet?

Jewellery decorated with children's milk teeth has been doing big business on Etsy recently, as proud parents search for attention-grabbing mementoes - after all lockets containing pictures of your loved ones are so last year!

One seller, Jackie Kaufman of Rock My World Inc, said: "I think they are bought as a unique way to remember your child at a certain age for people that want a unique eye-catching way to do it. They really start a conversation and most people love them or hate them, it is a personal preference."

Baby tooth jewellery features among the growing trends for 2014 identified by US website BabyCenter from the posts on their message boards.

Other parenting trends predicted to take off this year include:

Skull theory

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Ultrasound - Skull theory parenting trend 2014

This isn't as gruesome as it sounds, it's just the latest way parents-to-be are trying to predict the sex of their unborn baby. The theory goes that you can tell if your baby will be a boy or a girl by looking at the shape of the head in your 12-week scan.

Male skulls are said to be more 'blocky' at the top with a squarer jaw, while female skulls are rounder at the top and along the jawline, with a softer curve. From the side the male forehead also appears lower and more sloping.

However while this theory is well discussed on parenting forums, it is not widely recognised as being accurate.

Half birthdays

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Half birthday - 2014 parenting trend

It seems celebrating your child's arrival once a year is just not often enough for some parents. With many admitting to throwing parties to celebrate their child's 'half birthday' six months between their big days.

Birthday crowns

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Birthday crown - parenting trend 2014

Not only are they getting birthday parties twice a year, but children are being treated like royalty on these occasions. Traditional party hats are no longer seen as good enough for the birthday boy or girl. Instead, parents are picking up birthday crowns to ensure there is no doubt about whose day it is!

Postpartum corsets

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Postpartum corset - parenting trend 2014

Sadly it seems a lot of new mums are still feeling under pressure to snap back to their 'pre-baby body.'

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