Parents Losing Faith In Education System Ahead Of National Curriculum Changes

The majority of parents have lost faith in England's education system and feel uninformed about the changes occurring to the National Curriculum from this September, a new survey reveals.

The research revealed that 62 per cent of parents in England are totally unaware of the changes set to occur to the National Curriculum at the start of the new school year.

The survey of 1,000 UK-based parents also found that 72 per cent of parents worry that their children are lagging behind their peers from other countries in areas including reading, maths and science.

"The lack of information made available to parents about the new curriculum is worrying," says Carey Ann Dodah, head of curriculum at tuition provider Explore Learning, the company who commissioned the survey.

Schools are facing a range of changes in September, with tougher exams being introduced into the classroom and a new curriculum that aims to help children 'go further, at an earlier age'.

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