14/08/2014 16:53 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents Of April Jones Finally Free To Bury Their Little Girl's Remains

Parents of April Jones finally free to bury their little girl's remains

The parents of Mark Bridger's cottage, could be returned to Coral and Paul Jones.

Despite the biggest missing person search in British criminal history the rest of her remains have never been found and Bridger claims he cannot remember what he did with her body.

The inquest, which concluded without a verdict, was resumed with special permission in the absence of the five-year-old's body to the couple give 'some closure' a year after April was snatched outside their home.

April's funeral at St Peter's Church, Machynlleth, will be held later this month almost exactly a year after she was snatched off the street by the abattoir worker.

The bone fragments will be placed in a white coffin and taken though the town of Machynlleth, Powys, on a horse drawn hearse.

Mourners will be asked to wear pink which was April's favourite colour and became the symbol of the seven-month long search for her.

Police officers, mountain rescue experts, divers and members of the public who volunteered to join search parties will attend.

Speaking at the special inquest, Powys Coroner Louise Hunt said: "Where there's been a criminal conviction of this type a coroner shouldn't resume an inquest unless there's a very good reason for doing so.

"I couldn't reach any conclusion which is not consistent with police investigation."

Ms Hunt turned to April's parents to say: "This is now the end of all formal matters to do with April's death. For you, mum and dad, this will be the end of the inquest.

"I am truly sorry for your terrible loss and I hope the proceedings will come to the end of all the formal matters and allow you time to deal with your loss."

Ms Hunt said she had to apply to the Chief Coroner for England and Wales, Judge Peter Thornton QC. for permission to hold the unusual inquest in the absence of a body and it was granted on August 1.

Coral, 43, who was wearing pink trousers in memory of her daughter's favourite colour, had tears in her eyes during the 10-minute hearing in Welshpool.

She held the hand of her husband, 41, as they once again heard how April is believed to have died in Bridger's home on the night she was kidnapped.

Detective Supt Andy John, who led the search for April and hunt for her killer, told the hearing: "April Jones was subjected to a violent death by Mark Bridger.

"On the balance of probabilities the likely place of death was at Bridger's home Mount Pleasant on October 1 last year."

April was playing on her pink bicycle near her home in Bryn-y-Gog, Machynlleth, when Bridger abducted her in his LandRover.

Her disappearance sparked a huge manhunt which continued until April of this year and cost £2.4 million, but her body was never found.

Forensic officers found the 17 tiny pieces of bone, some from April's skull, in the fireplace of Bridger's isolated cottage in the village of Caersws, near Machynlleth.

They played a major part in the trial of father-of-five who was found guilty of murder, abduction and perverting the course of justice in May.