14/08/2014 16:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Parents' Skin Cancer Warning: 'Sunbeds Killed Our Daughter'

Parents' skin cancer warning: 'Sunbeds killed our daughter'

A young mum died from skin cancer after using sunbeds several times a week.

Mum-of-two Lianne Gosling, 33, fell ill with a malignant melanoma which started as a facial mole just before Christmas.

She died at Teesside Hospice after losing her fight for life as the disease spread to her jaw and major organs.

Grieving dad Robert, 62 and mum Glenda, 58, from Skelton, now want to warn others of the risk they believe is posed by sunbeds, which had been regularly used by Lianne.

Robert said: "If this story just saves one life, then it's worth it and Lianne will not have died in vain.

"Sunbed use has robbed us of our stunning only daughter. She hardly ever went abroad. She was such a lovely person, so loving – especially to her twin sons Sam and Ryan, aged eight - and she had so many friends. She was so well known all over this region."

Robert said: "Experts at Middlesbrough's James Cook University Hospitalhave told us they think sunbed use was the prime reason for Lianne's death in one so young."

Research has shown that people who have ever used a sunbed are 20 more likely to develop melanoma compared to people who have never used a sunbed.

Cases of malignant melanoma - the deadliest skin cancer - have doubled in the last decade, according to figures from Cancer Research UK.

Around 13,000 Britons are diagnosed with the illness each year and it causes 2,800 deaths.

Lianne's parents said that doctors in the U.S. have just announced a wonder drug combination which means 50 per cent of advanced skin cancer sufferers can now be saved, but it came too late for their daughter.

This involves using a drug called Yervoy and another called Nivolumab, which fight and suppress the cancer simultaneously, in a revolutionary new way.

Robert said: "Just a month before she died, Lianne wept as she watched a Sky News report which stated this was now a fact.

"I had also searched the internet for the very latest news on treatment. But the lifeline came just too late for her as she wasn't able to benefit from the new drug combination."

​However, the couple want people in their area to know that lives could now be saved as the ground-breaking treatment is being trialled at five UK hospitals.