14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Paris Jackson To Attend Boarding School For 'Troubled Teens'

Paris Jackson to attend boarding school for 'troubled teens'

Paris Jackson is to be sent to a boarding school for 'troubled teens' following her recent suicide bid, according to latest reports.

Paris, 15, is currently still in hospital after allegedly cutting her wrists and taking a cocktail of pills last month.

The Sun reports that her biological mother Debbie Rowe and her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, mother of the late Michael Jackson, do not feel she is ready to return to her old life.

They are said to be 'desperate' to keep her away from social media amid fears she will have a relapse if she finds any cruel comments about her late father on Twitter or other social networking sites.

Her concerned family is apparently planning to enrol her in the Diamond Ranch Academy in Utah, which bills itself as a centre specialising in the treatment of 'struggling teens'.

Paris is currently in the UCLA Hospital in Los Angeles, where she was taken after her suicide attempt at the beginning of June, but she will move into the centre once a security team has been put in place.

A source close to the family said they are 'not taking any chances', and that it would 'not take much to tip her over the edge again'.

"They are terrified she will have a major relapse if she has access to Twitter and the internet again," the mole said. "Debbie and Katherine have looked into things and they have decided the best place for her is the Diamond Ranch Academy."

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