Peaches Geldof: Cause Of Death 'Inconclusive'

Peaches Geldof
Peaches Geldof

A post mortem examination into the death of Peaches Geldof has proved inconclusive pending the result of toxicology analysis to test for drink and drugs - which could take weeks.

The 25-year-old mother of two was found dead at her Kent home on Monday.

Her death has so far been described by police as non-suspicious but 'sudden and unexplained'.

Officers continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the death in order to compile a report for the coroner.

The result of a toxicology report - including test for alcohol and drugs - can take several weeks.

Kent County Council have said: "A decision on whether there needs to be an inquest depends upon the final results of the post mortem."

The council said that it 'could take some weeks' for the results.

According to the medical website, WebMD, a toxicology test 'checks blood urine, or saliva for the presence of drugs or chemicals. Drugs can be accidentally or deliberately swallowed, inhaled, injected, or absorbed through a skin surface or mucous membrane. These include prescription medicines, nonprescription medicine, vitamins, nutritional supplements, alcohol, and illegal drugs, such as cocaine and heroin'.

It adds: "A toxicology test may check for one specific drug or for up to 30 different drugs at once. Testing is often done on a urine or saliva sample instead of blood, because urine and saliva tests are usually easier to do than blood tests and many drugs show up in either urine or saliva. Traces of a drug may remain in urine longer than in blood. Urine tests often can detect drug use within the last five days. Saliva testing can detect drugs used within the past day."

After Peaches' body was found, police said: "Officers were called to the 25-year-old's home at 1.35pm on Monday, 7 April 2014. Peaches was pronounced dead at the scene.

"The death is being treated as a non-suspicious, but an unexplained sudden death.

"Officers are working to establish the circumstances and will be compiling a report of their findings for the coroner."