14/08/2014 12:47 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Peaches Geldof Tweets Adorable Pics Of Baby Astala And Dog Parpy

Peaches Geldof Tweets adorable pics of baby Astala and dog Parpy

Proud mum Peaches Geldof gave her followers an insight into her family bliss today by Instagramming a selection of 11 uber-cute photos of 10-month-old baby Astala with pet dog Parpy.

Peaches, 23, who is expecting another son with her husband Thomas Cohen, 21, posted the adorable pictures to her 147,000 Twitter followers with little captions such as 'Bezzie mates', 'Cute little chubby chops' and Grubbis gives Parpy a kiss'.

The infant and the 18-month-old Golden Retriever are snapped on a double bed, smiling and snuggling together – before Astala falls asleep, with Parpy tucked in by his side.

In other shots, Astala is playing with his 'annoying singing bus again' until he starts to drift off. Peaches writes: "All this play is sooo exhausting!"

Peaches Geldof Tweets adorable pics of baby Astala and dog Parpy

Peaches' fans were quick to let the star know how cute they found the photos and the clearly special relationship between baby and dog.

In an extended Tweet, Peaches replied to @inquisitivenature – a Great Dane owner - with some sound advice: "Golden retrievers are famously advised as the best all round pet and breed of dog to have around babies and kids as they are so placid and relaxed around them and love their company and looking after them.

"They are just so soppy and loving as a breed and all they want is cuddles and to please you.

"Parpy is the best with Astala, he let's him pull on his nose, gnaw on his ears, roll all over him and grab his tail and swing it and doesn't ever move- In fact he seems amused by it and gives him a friendly lick when he does it!

"I think he thinks of Astala as a little puppy who needs to be treated with care. We had a golden retriever growing up her name was Flossie that's how I knew they were so good with kids apart from all the hype about it anyway.

"You say you have a Great Dane- they are supposed to be really good family pets but can be full of too much energy sometimes and therefore too boisterous around kids though not ever bite-y or volatile.

Peaches Geldof Tweets adorable pics of baby Astala and dog Parpy

"I would only let your baby and your great dane interact after he has had a good, long energetic walk and run in the park. Therefore he will be tired out and less likely to go mental around the baby.

"Also obviously goes without saying but don't let baby and dog play unsupervised, even though I trust Parpy with everything around Astala I would never leave him alone with him as he is still another species. X"