14/08/2014 12:45 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pippa Middleton Hoped Her Bridesmaid Dress Would "Blend In" At The Royal Wedding

Part one of Pippa Middleton's first ever television interview has been aired in full on America's morning show, Today.

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sister spoke to Matt Lauer about the royal wedding, her "normal" relationship with Kate and her writing career.

The Royal Wedding

One topic that couldn't be left of the agenda was the bridesmaid dress she wore at William and Kate's wedding in 2011.

When asked about the attention she received, Pippa revealed she found it "embarrassing, definitely."

"It was completely unexpected," she said. "You know, I think the plan was not really for it to be a significant dress. Really just to sort of blend in with the train."

Those hopes of "blend[ing] in" didn't quite happen...

The Royal Wedding

Embarrassing or not, the dress still means a lot to Pippa though.

"It's actually still in my wardrobe at home," she said. "I haven't worn it since. But I think I'll just keep it there...I think it's the sort of thing that I'm sure I'll bring out if someone wanted to see it or my children one day want to see it. Then I'll show them."

And is she planning to follow in Kate's footsteps and start a family in the future? It sounds like a baby could be on the cards.

Pippa described Prince George as "amazing" and said, "He's a very dear boy...he's brought a lot of pleasure and fun for all of us, the whole family.

"I love children and babies. So I would happily have one."

As for her thoughts on dealing with the media attention, watch the video above to find out Pippa's thoughts on being "publicly bullied."