14/08/2014 12:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pippa Middleton Joins The Cambridge Blues Boat Race Team For Latest Telegraph Column

Ever wondered what it would be like to row in the Boat Race? No? Well, just as she did with pancake tasting and hydra-spinning, Pippa Middleton has gone and tried it out (sort of) for her latest Telegraph column.

Yep, Pippa joined the Cambridge Blues rowing team ahead of the Boat Race 2014 on Sunday 6 April. A few weeks ago, she arrived at the team's Ely Cathedral Marina base "at sparrow o'clock" to find out what it takes to train for the historic event between Oxford and Cambridge universities.

How did she find the experience? Er, challenging.

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No matter how sporty or fit you are (and Pippa often reminds us she's both of these), clearly nothing can prepare you for getting in a boat with a professional rowing team with an average height of 6ft 6.

"I weigh under the requisite 55kg to be cox," says Pippa - who sounds quite pleased to find a good reason why she can't actually row in the race.

Instead, Pippa joins the "coaching launch" and gets to listen to a guy called Steve "shout orders" to the rest of the rowers.

After "30 minutes of close technique work followed by a gruelling 4.03km (2.5 mile) practice race," Pippa focuses on the best part of working out on the river.

"I am grateful to head for the warmth of the coaching room to join the team for baked beans, pitta bread, hummus and a pre-race emotions analysis," she says.

Perhaps we have more in common with Pippa than we thought...