14/08/2014 16:41 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pippa Middleton Still Friends With Controversial Viscount Arthur De Soultrait

Remember when the Duchess of Cambridge's little sister, Pippa Middleton, spent the weekend in Paris with French aristocrat Arthur de Soultrait and made front page news?

It was that time when, after a heavy night of partying, Pippa was spotted driving around the streets of Paris with the Viscount and one of his gun-toting pals. Well, despite public criticism the near-royal is still chummy with de Soultrait.

Arthur de Soultrait

Arthur de Soultrait pippa middleton

Wonder what the Palace has got to say about that?

According to the Daily Mail, the eccentric Viscount is still a close friend of Pippa's and is seeking her help as he promotes his Vicomte A clothing label in America.

De Soultrait has allegedly been boasting about the 30-year-old socialite wearing his pieces and proudly exclaimed: "She wears our shooting jackets in England in winter."

Hmmm, after all that palaver over the shooting Instagram picture, you'd have thought Pippa would be steering well clear of anything gun-related.

MORE! Find out more about the Pippa, Paris and that gun in the video below...

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