14/08/2014 12:37 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pippa Middleton Tries Hydra-Spinning - Here's Her Verdict

For her latest column in The Telegraph, Pippa Middleton has been cycling in a Jacuzzi. Yes, really.

The waterbike trend is already popular in France (it's meant to do wonders for cellulite) but it's still a novelty in spas over here.

So - before we all rush out to try it, Pippa took it upon herself to do the groundwork for us at the HydroFit centre on London's Fulham Road. How kind.


After informing us that her main reason for taking part in this exercise is because she has "a pair of tight leather trousers that [she's] hoping to squeeze into this Christmas party season," and that there's "nothing worse than flabby thighs encased in wrinkled leather," Pippa gives a detailed account of her experience.

And guess what? She likes it. "The hydro-bikes are in fact suitable for all physical abilities, as the cushioning effect of the water means less impact on feet and knees than you get in normal spinning classes," she writes.

It's also a brilliant workout post-pregnancy and the "steady release of antibacterial ozone streaming through the water is great for the skin."

So far, so good.

The downside? The price. It's £40 for a 45 minute session and if you want to see a difference, you'll need to go a few times. "Don't expect a miraculous transformation in one session," she warns.

Looks like hydra-spinning might catch on... with the royals and leather trouser-lovers at least.

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