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Pippa Tips: When One Is Expecting

Pippa Tips: When One is Expecting

Since the Royal Wedding back in April 2011, Kate's sister Pippa has been cashing in working hard on all sorts of exciting projects. All of which have nothing to do with HER SISTER. Or her bum.

First came Celebrate, a book bursting with blindingly obvious party planning tips. A Waitrose column soon flowered, and most recently, Pippa has been sharing her words of wisdom on all things Wimbledon in Vanity Fair. 'Leave enough time to get to the tennis! I always underestimate the time it takes to get everywhere and so feel in a rush.' (Yes, she really did get paid to write that!)

Pippa has been getting lots of attention on Twitter, with numerous accounts tweeting all sorts of gems.

Our favourite, however, is @Pippatips. A spoof account tweeting essential tips and snippets of advice.

Pippa Tips: When One is Expecting

The very talented people behind (ahem) the account, Mat Morrisroe and Suzanne Azzopardi, have recently been revealed, all in time to launch their fabulous new book, When One is Expecting: A Posh Person's Guide to Pregnancy and Parenting.

Here, we share our favourite Pippa Tips from Mat and Suzanne, all perfect for Kate and Wills as they prepare for their first baby.

When One is Expecting: A Posh Person's Guide to Pregnancy and Parenting is out now from Icon Books.

During pregnancy, it is advised that you do not eat sushi, blue cheeses, air-cured meat and pate. This makes it very difficult to shop at Waitrose.

You may have cravings and feel more hungry than usual. This is often known as 'eating for two', but if you were having twins you would be 'eating for three'. The simple rule is to take the number of people inside you and add one (you).


At 12 weeks it's time for your first antenatal appointment. Confusingly, this is for people who will help you give birth, not people who are against it.


Sex in pregnancy: 'Congi style' is a good position for pregnant women. As is 'The throne'.

You can try talking to your baby, but don't be offended if baby doesn't reply.

Giving birth can smart a bit, so relieve the pain by taking every drug you're offered. It is, however, considered bad form to bring your own.


A dirty nappy can give off a bit of a whiff, so make sure to have dirty ones exchanged for clean ones.


Breastfeeding: Some mothers finding latching-on to be problematic, but a few unreturned calls should get the message through to any needy friends or relatives.

When you take your baby out, you'll often need to use the 'baby change room'. This is just for changing nappies, not for exchanging little ones you are disappointed with.

Try feeding your baby foods in colours that match your clothes, so people will think you are wearing an expensive 'splatter design'.

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