14/08/2014 12:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Plucky Schoolboy Pursues Scooter Thief

Plucky schoolboy's rage over scooter theft

A furious 10-year-old boy took off in hot pursuit of a grown man who stole his scooter from outside a shop.

Plucky Brennan Godwin from Weston-super-Mare had popped into a Matalan store where his mum was working, leaving his scooter outside.

When he later left the shop, he spotted a man grabbing his set of wheels and scooting off.

Outraged Brennan gave chase, yelling at the man to stop and hand the scooter over.

The schoolboy sprinted through a car park and then onto a road on the heels of the man – even after he had put the scooter in his car and driven off.

"I shouted at him and told him it was mine, but he just looked at me and scooted off," Brennan told his local paper.

"He put the scooter in the back of his car and started to drive off. I chased him through the car park. They stopped as the traffic lights turned red. I went after them but then the lights changed and they got away."

Brennan phoned the police and reported the theft – saying he felt particularly annoyed as the scooter had been a birthday present.

"It was quite scary. I was feeling angry and upset and as I was running I was just hoping I would get it back," he said.

His mum, Debbie, 34, said Brennan had been left very upset by the theft.

"The person knew it was a children's scooter. I was very worried when I heard what happened, you do not know how far they would have gone if he caught up with them," she said. "Brennan does not get upset easily but this has affected him."

An Avon and Somerset police spokesman said they are investigating.

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