14/08/2014 12:57 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

Police Officer Had Sex With Teenager He Met On Social Media App

Press Association

A police officer seduced a teenage girl after meeting her on a social media app.

Justin LaClere, 32, is accused of having sex with the 17-year-old after she wrote on the Whisper site: "I want to get pregnant but I'm only a teen."

She accompanied her message with a picture of a baby.

LeClare was arrested and he immediately resigned from the Scottsdale Police Department in Phoenix, Arizona.

Whisper is an app that enables users to anonymously post pictures with words, usually confessional revelations and secrets.

According to Arizona Central, a person with the username 'Jason69er' wrote to the girl asking how old she was.

She told him that she was 17 and the pair continued to communicate via private message over several days.

The teenager also asked how old 'Jason69er' was, and he told her he was 32, asking if that was OK.

The girl wrote: "IDK (I don't know) I'd be worried my dad would call the cops and have you arrested for sleeping with a minor since I'm not of legal age to sleep with you."

In a message to the girl on Monday, 'Jason69er' told the girl he'd 'always wanted a young pregnant girlfriend.'

The pair exchanged numerous photographs, including one of LaClere clearly wearing his police uniform.

On January 14, the girl was on the school bus when she received a message from Jason69er asking her if she could meet him for sex.

She agreed and the two met at the teenager's home after school while her family was away.

LaClere has been charged with luring a minor and sexual relations with a minor.