14/08/2014 16:55 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Police Respond To Toddler's 999 Call To Speak To Fireman Sam

Police respond to toddler's 999 call to speak to Fireman Sam

A toddler who dialled 999 and asked to speak to Fireman Sam was disappointed when a police officer turned up on the doorstep.

Oliver Cahill's parents Andrew and Leanne let the three-year-old play with the phone when it is unplugged at their home in Blackpool, but on this occasion a friend had left it connected.

Oliver dialled 999 and asked to speak to his children's TV hero which resulted in PC Claire Van Deurs Goss being dispatched to investigate.

Oliver's 31-year-old mum said: "My friend had borrowed it to phone their doctor and must have left it plugged in.

"I saw Oliver playing with it in the dining room and thought nothing of it.

"When the officer came up the path I thought, 'Oh my gosh' because I've never had any problems with the police. They asked me if I had a child at the property and she explained that they had a call from a little child."

Oliver was disappointed to see the WPC Van Deurs Goss standing in the doorway.

Leanne added: "He didn't want her, he wanted Fireman Sam. He knew exactly what he'd done and the lady on the phone asked him why he'd phoned 999. He said he was trying to phone Fireman Sam.

"He's a big Fireman Sam fan and he's got all the little action figures."

PC Van Deurs Goss, who was called to the incident, said: "When I attended his mum was shocked to see the police there.

"Immediately we saw the offending three-year-old in the room shouting 'I wanted Fireman Sam'.
He was a bit put out it was police officers and not a fireman, but at the same time I think he was still very pleased that the police had come to see him."