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Pre-Teen Angst And The Black Bra Saga

Pre-Teen Angst And The Black Bra Saga

Right now life as I knew it has turned on its ar**; my daughter is no longer the sweet little girl she once was, she is now in fact most unrecognisable. Most days there is a swift shift from super Beth to complete and utter horror in mere seconds.


Please let me start by saying I love my daughter with all my heart and soul, however this vile creature that has taken hold is another beast altogether... damn you hormones!


There is currently no conversation (although we are trying to rectify this) due to it being most difficult to hold a conversation with someone who chooses to elaborate the truth at such a rapid rate of knots.

Now since she has been wearing bras for a while now I have never purchased ones with padding or under wire as these are not good for growing bangers and since she wears a school uniform I tend to only buy white so it's not showing through the school shirt and being blatantly brazen!

A few weeks ago we had our biggest meltdown of the last 6 months over a black padded bra... bought by her Dad.

She had returned from her Dad's wearing the bra and on the return to school she came down stairs with it on... black bra showing through her school shirt like a belisha beacon (albeit black)

So with 15 minutes left before needing to leave for school she was asked to go and put on a white one and to do it quickly.

The response:
Screaming, wardrobe door slamming, clothes being thrown, vile words being aimed ... followed by " I am not going to school and I am not changing my bra"

Now at the time she should leave for school she is still hurling abuse and adamantly refusing to come down stairs let alone change the bra......... my resolve cracks. All I want to do is scream and cry and drag her down the stairs, although the threat to to drag her downstairs was falling on deaf ears ... the last resort fell in the form of Dad

Now as some of you will already know her Dad and I separated when she was 6 months old and since that time he has religiously stuck to ensuring he sees her every other week from Friday to Sunday.

A call was made and he to tried to intervene with the vile beast that is hormones and was getting the same response as I. This went on for 10 minutes or so... until I gave her 2 options ...
1. take the bra off and swap it for the white one or option 2 wear a plain white T-shirt under the school shirt ..... calmness soon descended and hormones and child when off to school.... late.

Damn these stubborn nasty hormones and damn padded bras!

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