Pregnant Katie Price Deserves Our Sympathy, Not Condemnation

Katie Price's Twitter feed currently makes for heartbreaking reading.

Whatever your thoughts on the glamour-model-turned-business-woman's turbulent personal life – four children by three different men, currently pregnant with her fifth baby, and with three marriages under her belt – her posts today are from a woman at rock bottom.

'Worse pain in the world', she wrote, after alleging that Kieran Hayler, her husband of 16 months, father of her youngest son and unborn baby, has been cheating on her with her best friend.

Of course Twitter was immediately awash with re-tweets and smart arse comments following her revelations: jokes about who she might marry next and poor taste posts about her morals and parenting prowess.

But really, should we be judging – mocking – a woman who quite obviously just wants the happy ever after?

As a mum, Katie no doubt craves a happy family life and stability for her children. Yet as a successful businesswoman and reality TV star, she probably realises it is about the one thing she can't actually buy them – not long term, anyway.

And regardless of whether you have Katie's millions in your bank account, or the last few pounds from your child benefit, if you are raising your kids on your own after a marriage breakdown, it's hard.

Some women cope, but some women, like Katie post-Peter Andre, need to quickly fill the manless void, to forge new relationships, to move on. To create the perfect life.

Katie's own dad, Ray Infield, left the family home when she was four. Her mum later remarried, and Katie took her step-dad Paul Price's surname. Who knows if her own early years influenced her attitudes to relationships, or indeed made her crave a secure, loving, family unit – which it would appear she had within her mum's second marriage - for herself?

In 2005, she was the Disney-esque princess who arrived by carriage to her castle-based wedding to Peter Andre, the husband who she later said she never wanted to divorce. In 2010, she was the showgirl bride for her Vegas nuptials to cage fighter Alex Reid, whom she admitted was a 'rebound' relationship.

Shortly after a called-off 2012 engagement to Argentinian polo player Leandro Penna, she went on to be the beach Barbie bride for her most recent marriage, a January, 2013 ocean front wedding in the Bahamas to part-time stripper and plasterer Kieren Hayler.

At the ensuing UK wedding reception, a smitten Katie serenaded her third husband with a rendition of 'Save The Best For Last'.

So Katie would definitely appear to be a woman who needs a man in her life to make her happy. A woman who believes in love and romance and marriage. Can we really condemn her for that?

Of course, there's lots of hindsight advice that could (and will be) directed at Katie Price: don't rush into relationships, use contraception (USE CONTRACEPTION!), don't turn every aspect of your life into a media circus, keep some dignity, stop being car-crash viewing and fame hungry...

But really, how can anyone, today, turn on a woman who has to explain to three older children that their latest step-dad will no longer be in the picture despite their new half-sibling being just three months away from being born?

A woman who is having to digest and accept that not only has her husband betrayed her but (allegedly with her best friend, too?

If we are so smug and content in our own 'perfect' lives, shouldn't we only have sympathy and kindness for a six months pregnant mum of four who has just discovered the man she loves is sleeping with her best friend?

Imagine having to take to Twitter to announce a partner's alleged infidelity before a newspaper profits from your misery by splashing it across its front pages, knowing that there will now be endless digging, half-truths and revelations by dirt-hungry hacks.

And imagine finding out that news – and being that news - just days after discovering you are six months pregnant less than a year after delivering an eight-weeks premature baby?

'No human being deserves this especially being 6 months pregnant', Katie wrote today.

And regardless of what relationship-based judgements or decisions she has made in the past, surely no one can argue with those words?