Pregnant Katie Price Kicks Cheating Kieran Hayler Out - Finally!

Pregnant Katie Price has finally kicked cheating husband Kieran Hayler out of her mansion.

We're amazed she's allowed him to stay for so long after all the humiliation he's put her through.

But it seems that he's now getting a dose of his own. Katie apparently made the 27-year-old former stripper beg for forgiveness after he had an affair with her best friend Jane Pountney – before he was driven away from the house by his mum! Too shaming.

The Sun reports that Kieran's mum drove him back to the family home with an overnight bag while Katie bolted the doors at her country home.

Katie, who is seven months pregnant with Kieran's daughter, had allowed her husband to stay in the spare room of her West Sussex home so he could continue to see nine-month-old son Jett Riviera.

But she finally sent Kieran packing on Monday night after he revealed excruciating details of his affair with 49-year-old Jane in a Sunday tabloid.

A family friend told The Sun: "Kieran has been well and truly shown who is boss in this marriage.

"He suffered not only the humiliation of being booted out of the marital home with his tail between his legs, but also the demeaning process of his mother having to pick him up. He has nothing without Katie.

"She made him beg for forgiveness in the most public way - proving his guilt - then threw it back in his face and kicked him out.

"Kieran is a mess and will do anything to save the marriage. But Katie won't be made to look the fool. "His brain was in his pants and it has cost him dearly."

To add insult to injury, Kieran claimed his his cheating was caused by a 'compulsive addiction' for which he is now receiving treatment at a £2,500-a-day clinic.

Jane's husband Derrick, 51, is now said to be filing for divorce.