14/08/2014 16:50 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Pregnant Mum Killed Toddler Son Reversing In Driveway

Pregnant mum reversed over and killed toddler son on driveway

A pregnant mum accidentally reversed over her two-year-old son as she backed out of the driveway of their family home on Saturday, leaving him with fatal injuries.

The toddler Hazayah Ward was pronounced dead at the Mary Bridge Children's hospital at 12.30pm, less than an hour after the horrific accident.

His devastated mother Jessica Murphy, 23, of Tacoma, Washington, posted a series of heartbreaking messages on Facebook expressing her grief.

'I want my baby so bad!!!,' she wrote. 'I held him for six hours after it wasn't enough. I want my baby I want my baby. I just want my baby. PLEASE.'

'My baby sleeps with me every night. How can I sleep now, how can I live? My baby is gone I just want him to wake up.'

Jessica is believed to be six months pregnant with her sixth child.

Dani Murphy, Hazayah's aunt, also wrote on Facebook, saying that she felt as though she couldn't breathe, and that the awful situation could not be happening.

Jessica's aunt, Sonya Murphy Acord, posted on the site asking friends and family to pray for the tragic little boy and his mum.

'As y'all know we lost our nephew, Hazayah, yesterday,' she wrote. 'Preparations are underway for his celebration service. He leaves behind 4 siblings and one on the way. Several of you have asked to help through prayer and finances. YES PLEASE. Prayer is our 1st line of comfort and defense.'

She went on to say that the Murphys were a family of 'extremely modest means,' and asked for as much financial help as was possible, while also issuing a stark warning to those judging Jessica over the accident.

'I thank each and every one of you for your heartfelt prayers and condolences,' she wrote. 'As for the few who have the audacity to careful. Be VERY careful. A lesson in humility is sometimes hard to swallow.'

The police say they are still investigating the accident and that so far no charges have been made.

Tacoma police officer Naveed Benjamin told The News Tribune that it was 'one of those tragic things'.

"The mother was apparently backing her Suburban out of the driveway and unbeknownst to her, the child somehow came under the vehicle," he said.