Pregnant Mum Paints Her Growing Baby Bump. See The Amazing Paintings

Could this be the next pregnancy trend?

A Chinese woman wanted a novel way to record her pregnancy – and bond with her bump. So instead of taking selfies as the months go by, she's been drawing on her tummy.

And the results are pretty special.

Luo Qianxi is a painter, and uses her skills with a brush to record her nine months as her belly grows.

"Some people write pregnancy diaries or take pictures to record the process, while I chose to paint," says Luo.

Luo, who is expecting a boy, says she is careful to only use specially made paint which doesn't contain anything potentially harmful to her or her growing baby.

Each painting takes a staggering three to five hours, and Luo uses a mirror to see what she is painting on her bump.

"I paint every genuine idea about pregnancy, including guessing the image of my baby," she adds. "The paintings are my expectations to him, and my imaginations to him."

You can see Luo's amazing photos in our gallery below.

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