14/08/2014 12:46 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Pregnant Nell McAndrew Gets Naked For Photoshoot

Oh good grief. Not another one!

After her famous Vanity Fair shoot in 1991, did Demi Moore get it written in to the showbiz constitution that every pregnant celeb must, from thereon in, pose starkers? We've seen so many!

Although there is no denying mum-to-be Nell McAndrew looks fabulous in this photoshoot, as she shows off her seven-month bump for Now magazine.

The TV personality admitted her Demi-inspired shoot could cause some controversy, telling the magazine she would 'probably get stick for posing naked'.

"Unfortunately there are still some really old-fashioned views about pregnancy out there," she says. "But although I was pretty nervous stripping off, I soon felt empowered - pregnant bodies are amazing and I'm incredibly proud of these pictures.

"I was photographed wearing a bikini in Dubai. Some hurtful comments said, 'Oh she shouldn't be getting her belly out like that'.

"But it's only a tummy - there were men with bigger beer bellies on the beach!"

Nell is expecting her second baby with husband, Paul Hardcastle. They are already proud parents to six-year-old son, Devon.

You can read the full interview in Now magazine out today.

What you think?

Are you sick of seeing pregnant bumps on display? Or should expectant mums be proud of their pregnant bodies?