14/08/2014 16:40 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Prince Harry Beats Harry Styles In 'Most Wanted Party Guest' Battle

In the battle of the 'party Harrys', Prince Harry has beaten Harry Styles in a list of 'most wanted party guests'.

Prince Harry and his girl Cressida Bonas came second in Tatler's 'Most Invited' list while Mr Styles was tenth, reports the Mirror.

prince harry harry styles

And, while we can appreciate the One D star's good looks and charm, Prince Harry lives it up in Las Vegas and plays strip poker. He's definitely welcome at our next birthday bash.

Taking top spot on the list was the US ambassador to the UK and his wife, Matthew and Brooke Barzun (no we've never heard of them, either).

Prime Minister David Cameron and wife Sam Cam were in third place, while Cara Delevingne sneaked in at number four, and Warner Bros UK president Josh Berger in fifth place.

According to The Argus, Harry Styles made it on the list because of his ability to "charm the pants off every guest". But Prince Harry just takes his off, earning him a higher place.

Tatler's 100 Most Invited List, compiled by magazine staff, is the April issue out on Thursday.

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