Prince Harry Dances With Sick Children In Chile

Prince Harry delighted schoolchildren in Chile by busting some seriously slick dance moves during his visit to a daycare centre.

As relaxed and care-free as ever, Prince William's younger brother didn't hesitate when he was invited to boogie during his visit to the Fundacion Amigos de Jesus daycare centre in Santiago, which looks after children with mental and physical disabilities.

Prince Harry has been busy touring the country and mingling with fans, children and members of the public.

As well as dancing on the steps of the daycare centre, much to the amusement of its patients and onlookers, he played with the children and spent time with them throughout the whole day.

He hung out with a young boy called Russel, four, and high-fived the beaming boy as they played in the centre, the Foundation of Friends of Jesus.

He laughed when seven-year-old Pascal Vasquez stole the microphone from him as he began to make a speech.

Other pictures show Harry bonding with teenagers in the centre as well as a host of youngsters.

The centre works with young people who suffer from mental and physical disabilities, though it wasn't just the patients that seemed delighted by the Royal visit.

Staff at the centre looked only too happy to hang out with Prince Harry, too.

On Friday, Harry – who turns 30 in September - visited the Sagrada Familia kindergarten school in Chile where he cheered up underprivileged children from the Mapuche indigenous community.

At the weekend, he visited to a slum outside the former capital, Valparaiso, and showed his practical side by mending the family's television just in time for them to watch the Brazil v Chile match in the World Cup (sadly, Chile lost! Well, he can dance and fix a telly, but he's no miracle worker!).