14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Princess Beatrice Hits The Town For Pal's, Er, Divorce Party

Princess Beatrice hit the town over the weekend to celebrate her friend, film producer Lisa Tchenguiz's divorce. Yup, divorce.

princess beatrice divorce party

The royal was out drinking to Lisa's, er, success as her divorce was finalised. The multi-millionaire won £15 million from her ex-husband, drinks tycoon Vivian Imerman, after a four-year fight. We guess she had reason to raise a glass.

Plus... It was also her birthday!

Lisa's current beau, aircraft entrepreneur Steve Vorsari, arranged a surprise 3ft-tall birthday/divorce cake for her, Princess Bea and the other 200 guests.

lisa's divorce party

On one side it was a traditional b'day cake, but the other was emblazoned with a cheque - a little nod to her divorce.

"It was all Steve's idea - the cake was his birthday present to me," Lisa told the Daily Mail, adding: "I've got 200 presents to open!"

Hmm, considering the Queen disapproves of beards in the royal ranks, we're not sure how pleased she'd be to see her granddaughter out drinking to the end of someone's marriage?
Are you getting divorced? Why not throw a party to celebrate? Hmmm...