14/08/2014 12:38 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Princess Beatrice's Personal Trainer Reveals How She Got In Shape

Princess Beatrice hasn't always been the pinnacle of health and fitness - she has struggled with her body image growing up as a royal in the public eye.

But now the 24-year-old could give Jodie Marsh a run for her money in the gym... And it's all down to the fact that she eats actual food.

"Beatrice is in great shape," Nadya Fairweather told The Express. Fairweather owns the fitness company U-Shape and has been Bea's personal trainer since 2009.

"She eats, which helps. She eats really healthily but she eats, which is massive in a celebrity world full of people starving themselves and doing crazy fad diets which I just do not agree with. Beatrice has beautiful curves and she embraces that.

"Beatrice is an amazing client. She does plenty of training on her own between our sessions which makes it easier for me to keep challenging her with new equipment and different styles of training."

Bea first reached out to Nadya when she was just 18 and found pictures of herself looking a little frumpy in a bikini splashed across newspaper front pages.

"It was very upsetting," Nadya explained. "She was young and I don't know any 18-year-old who has not had a bad photograph taken of them, especially in swimwear, so that is when our relationship started.

"She just thought, 'Right, I need to get myself in shape because I will never get out of the media', so we started working together."

That's settled then... We need Nadya's number.