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Rastamouse Talks To Parentdish: The World's Coolest Rodent On Cheese, Gigs And Making A Bad Ting Good!

Rastamouse talks to Parentdish: The world's coolest rodent on cheese, gigging and making a bad ting good!

Crime-busting Rastamouse will be appearing at LolliBop – the UK's only festival for children - with his band Da Easy Crew on Friday August 16.

We caught up with the famous smooth groover, who lives in Mouseland with his friends and band members, for a chinwag over a nice nibble of cheese...

(The interview is best read aloud - for obvious reasons!)

Who's your favourite mouse?

Mi nah have any favourite mice...mi love all ah dem.

There is a lot of crime in Mouseland. Why do you think this is?

Mi nah tink dere's a lot ah crime in Mouseland jus' bare mysteries dat need solvin'. An' remember ya only get to see mi excitin' adventures on TV...da rest ah da time Mouseland is proper peaceful.

What's your favourite cheese?

Now dat's a tricky one cos mi love all kinds ah flavas, an' Half Pint has been testin' plenty ah different varieties... but da one Bandulu (chef mouse) puts in him legendary cheese pies has to be mi favourite.

There are lots of Rastamouse rehearsals. When are you going to do an actual gig?

For real, we been doin' bare rehearsals but we also been busy tourin' Da Rocksteady Reggae School; teachin' likkle ones 'bout riddim, rhyme an' readin'! Dem get to join in wid an interactive musical reading ah one ah mi adventures an' dem get to jam wid Da Easy Crew playin' bongos, ukeleles, egg shakers, wooden spoons an' singin' an' ting. Da likkle ones love it an' always end up bustin' some moves wid me an' da Crew. As well as Da Rocksteady Tour da next gig we got comin' up is at Lollibop on Friday 16th August.

Can you explain Rastafarianism to us?

Mi nah sure dat mi is da best mouse to do dat explainin' but whaa mi will say is, dat dese tings are proper important - love an' respect an' carin' an' sharin'.

What are you most looking forward to at LolliBop? What will your performance include?

Mi most lookin' forward to seein' da likkle ones dancin' an' enjoyin' da music in da sunshine. We gonna be playin' bare songs from da album an' gettin' everyone pon dere feet!


​On da Lollibop main stage Da Crew gonna do someting pretty unique, someting we nah done before, so mek sure ya get a ticket an' get ready to appreciate da sounds ah mi special guest.


Do you enjoy the recognition Da Easy Crew has gained?

Recognition nah someting mi care 'bout...da most important ting is dat everyone enjoy Da Easy Crew vibes an' get uplifted by we tunes.

Does your hat get hot, especially when you're performing? How do you relax after a live show?

We all get Hot, Hot, Hot when we performin' ... dat's why we like to chillax backstage after wid a nice cold drink ah Stylee's ginger beer... it's proper refreshing!

What's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to you?

Mi hear nice tings all ah da time but da best ting nah need no words at all - jus' seein' da likkle ones dancin' an' feelin' free when we jammin' is proper irie.

Can you really always make a bad ting good?

Mi an' Da Easy Crew believe dat if ya can be carin' an' sharin' wid all ah ya bredren and sistren, den dat's a wicked place to start.


​Mi believe dat da important ting is knowin' right from wrong an' everyone should get a second chance . . . da chance to make a bad ting good.


Do you have a career plan?

Mi nah really have a career plan but mi always keep miself busy helpin' da Prez an' doin tings dat mi love. Me an' Da Crew got a new book an' album comin' out soon an' we tourin' wid da Rocksteady Reggae School all through da summer. It's gonna be irie man!


The three-day festival takes place in London from August 16 – 18 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London.

The line-up includes Cbeebies superstar Justin Fletcher (Saturday and Sunday only), Dick and Dom, Skylanders SWAP Force, Shaun The Sheep Championsheeps, Peppa Pig, Science Museum Live, Postman Pat, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Transformers, Poppy Cat, Rastamouse (Friday only) and Cloudbabies.

LolliBop's live theatre tent – The Lollipalladiam - showcases performances from pioneering and internationally renowned companies and artists.

Tween Town is especially for older kids, with cool activities like DJ workshops, movie editing and beatboxing masterclasses.

Imagination Stations are situated throughout the festival for 3-10 year olds to get crafty. There's also a 3ft and under zone for pre-schoolers.

The Enchanted Forest will host reading and stories, and there's also a brand new Discovery Zone, Meadows area, Lolli Promenade and much more.

LolliBop offers all the fun of a festival without the hassle of camping and all activity is programmed for the under 10s. For information, go to

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