Reality Star Chanelle Hayes Writes Open Letter To 'Superior' Parents

Chanelle Hayes
Chanelle Hayes

Reality TV star Chanelle Hayes has written an open letter to parents after she was attacked on Twitter for posting a photo of her four-year-old son lying on the floor after falling out of bed.

In what seemed like an innocent and everyday enough occurrence for most parents, the model and mum-of-one wrote:

Later on, Chanelle Tweeted to her 136,000 followers: "There are some very odd, very unhappy people around. Anyway, cinema date with my Blakely. Let's hope it's safe enough! #bubblewrapsuiton"

(To be honest, what caught my attention on Chanelle's Twitter page wasn't the cute pic of her son lying asleep on the floor – but the dozens of naked photos of his mum in the gallery surrounding the Tweet!) We-ell, it's a hot day, isn't it?)