14/08/2014 16:46 BST | Updated 20/05/2015 10:12 BST

Rita Ora Goes Peroxide Blonde For Black Widow Video With Iggy Azalea

Rita Ora and Iggy Azalea were spotted on set, filming their music video for 'Black Widow' in LA over the weekend.


Rita - a woman who is all about the latest hair trend - was sporting an ultra-blonde mid-length 'do with sharp full fringe and sexy cat eye makeup. That's right, she's done with the pink dip-dye.

In fact it was Iggy, the 24-year old Aussie rapper, who opted for an edgier look (think Christina Aguilera circa 'Dirrty') for her latest single, trading in her all blonde tresses by dying the tips red. She did the matching lipstick thing too.

Both Rita and Iggy were styling out white dressing gowns over their skin tight bodysuits and lace-up ankle boots, but the look beneath was definitely sexy biker chick with go-faster stripe panels. And some serious plunging necklines.

Of course this collaboration was going to be sexy - and it's not all spandex jumpsuits either. The music video has that whole Kill Bill vibe, and after seeing Iggy's Instagram photo of Rita in training, we're getting set to see the two pulling out some kung fu moves.

She posted this with the caption: "A little snap of Rita at fight training today. #KungFuGoddess #SamuraiRealness #BlackWidow #ComingAugust"

Rita was also quick to share a few photos from the video shoot on Instagram. Clearly she was pretty impressed by her cat eye makeup.

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