14/08/2014 16:51 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

​Royal Baby News: David Beckham Suggests Kate And Wills Call Their New Arrival...David

​Royal baby news: Becks suggests Kate and Wills call their new arrival...David

The odds-on favourites might be Alexandra and George, but David Beckham has thrown his hat into the Royal baby name ring, suggesting the parents-to-be call their new arrival David.

Yes, really.

Speaking to Sky News, Becks said he had every confidence in the Duke and Duchess's parenting skills. "They're going to be amazing parents - because they are so loving towards children" said the former England player.

"William has grown from that young boy into an unbelievable gentleman. And that's a great quality for a father."

Asked about potential baby names for the Royal couple, Becks had one idea: "David's pretty good ... if it's a boy of course!"

David, who is dad to the slightly more unusually named Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and daughter Harper, also talked about life with his family, revealing wife Victoria is the first up in the family home: "Victoria is up at 6.30 every morning running - and Harper sits there and watches her.

"The boys are always out doing stuff, being active. I just want them to be happy. Of course I'd love one of them to become a football player - it might even be Harper! But I just want them to be happy, healthy and fit."

So David for a boy and Victoria for a girl? What names is your money on?